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07 August 2013, Last updated at 10:55 EEST
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For a Credible, Growing and Open Europe

In the second semester of 2013, Lithuania will assume the Presidency of the Council of the European Union (hereinafter the EU) for the first time. The Presidency places a great responsibility on Lithuania and its public service. It is also an opportunity to present the country, strengthen links to Europe, and contribute to the well-being of all European citizens.

Lithuania will focus her efforts on enhancing the EU’s abilities to provide adequate response to economic, financial, social and energy challenges. For this purpose, Lithuania will first of all seek to carry out the obligations already undertaken vis-a-vis the EU citizens. The primary focus will be on further strengthening the financial stability and competitiveness of Europe, as well as the implementation of the Growth Agenda. Further EU integration and strengthening of the Single Market, including energy, will bring new opportunities to combat unemployment, in particular youth unemployment, and will make the European economic and social model more solid. The openness of the EU to new members, neighbours and trade partners will not only advance the EU economy, but will also reaffirm the aims of the EU, i.e. to develop a prosperous, peaceful, democratic, free and open Europe.

In the course of its Presidency, Lithuania will act as an honest broker and will cooperate with Member States and the EU institutions. Active dialogue and close partnership with the European Parliament and the European Commission is essential in order to ensure the successful completion of the Presidency tasks. Lithuania, having tackled the economic and financial crisis with determination, will be guided by the same principles of efficiency and result-orientation during its Presidency. To ensure the continuity of the EU agenda Lithuania will, actively cooperate with her partners in the Trio (Ireland and Greece) and will rely on the 18-month programme of the Trio.

The objectives of the Lithuanian Presidency will be as follows:

  • Credible Europe with a stable financial sector and public finance and effective growth oriented EU economic governance and stronger social dimension,
  • Growing Europe through greater investment into research and technological development, deeper integration of the internal market, as well as better employment opportunities and sustainable social security,
  • Open Europe able to tackle global challenges effectively, promoting democratic values, contributing to safe neighbourhood, and actively protecting the rights of EU citizens.

Programme of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU (PDF, 1,70 MB)

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