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25 October 2013, Last updated at 09:09 EEST
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Cultural projects presenting Lithuania

Lithuania will introduce a comprehensive cultural programme during the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Over 150 cultural events including concerts, exhibitions, performances and film views will take place in Europe and across the world.

Lithuanian introduction is characterised by its continuous line of communication with a purpose to highlight the most important achievements of the country and show that it has specific historic heritage and rich cultural links with other states. Projects on Lithuania will travel around diplomatic missions to introduce the Lithuanian photography school, documentary film, contemporary art, nature and architecture. These projects, which have been expressly developed for presidency of the EU Council, show Lithuania as a creative country with deep-rooted traditions and rich heritage.

The projects will be used for representation of Lithuania even after the presidency.

“Lithuania in the Mail Parcel”, Interactive UNESCO Exhibition

This exhibition is a travelling cabinet of curiosities (Wunderkammer) featuring Lithuanian nature, architecture and cultural objects included in the UNESCO registers and lists. Every object for display is hidden in a seemingly ordinary box which reminds a parcel, but all the secrets of the exhibition may be discovered only by opening the box. Read more




“Lithuania in Europe and Europe in Lithuania”, Interactive Exhibition

“Lithuania in Europe and Europe in Lithuania” interactive exhibition introduces Lithuania through interesting and surprising historical, cultural and economic connections with other EU member states and Croatia, the newly added member state. Every link is represented by a particular object (sculpture) placed into a transparent hexagonal box reminding of a honeycomb pattern when all 28 boxes are displayed on the honeycomb-shaped interactive stand. Read more

“Poetic Documents”, Photographic Exhibition

This exhibition, containing over a hundred of works of the most famous Lithuanian photographers, a number of texts of  the most outstanding Lithuanian poets, and cinematic art works, features the Lithuanian photography, poetry and cinematic art of the 20th and the 21th centuries. The exhibition covers 5 topics – nature, city, memory, time, and man – with an attempt to reveal the Lithuania history of the 20th century, a period of dramatic transformations. Read more



“Part of a Larger Whole”, Exhibition of the Lithuanian Contemporary Art

“Part of a Larger Whole” display contains 20 poster-size prints by the most distinguished modern Lithuanian artists. “Part of a Larger Whole” shows that a fragment may substitute the entirety and speaks of the relationship between one construct of the work and the entire work or the creative process.  This collection of more than 20 art pieces has an ambition to draw the guidelines on the contemporary Lithuanian art. Read more

“Cinema Inclusions”, Lithuanian Documentary Film Programme

“Cinema Inclusions” is a cinematic project with an expressed lasting value. Seven Lithuanian documentaries reproduced and digitalised provide viewers with a possibility of assessing the history of Lithuanian documentary film of the 20th century. Read more



The History of Lithuania – in six foreign languages

To mark Lithuania's Presidency of the Council of the EU, The History of Lithuania, which is a joint publication by ambassador and Professor Alfonsas Eidintas, Professors Alfredas Bumblauskas and Antanas Kulakauskas, and Doctor of Historical Sciences Mindaugas Tamošaitis, has been published in six foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Read more

Interactive instalation presenting Lithuanian culture, economy, business & investment evironment

 An interactive installation, controlled by smooth hand movements,  presenting Lithuanian culture, economy, business and investment  environment invites people to get to know Lithuania interactively and live.
This is a unique opportunity to learn about Lithuania’s economy and business, as well as its unique nature, people and  culture: Lithuania as a country that has traded with West and East since the Middle Ages, and that is globally known  for its history and beautiful nature as well as innovations, rapid economic growth, and investment-friendly business  environment. Read more 


Lithuania decorates the headquarters of the EU Council Justus Lipsius with “Gardens of Europe”

Following tradition, the Presidency of the EU Council decorates the headquarters of the EU Council Justus Lipsius building. The Lithuanian artists of “Ekspobalta” Ltd., led by Saulius Valius, have created the decoration project “Gardens of Europe”, which reflects different components of Lithuanian identity: traditional crafts, modern art and contemporary design. Read more

Publications presenting cultural programme of the Lithuanian presidency of the Council of the EU abroad

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