Unemployment, poverty and social inequality – the focus of the Tripartite High Level meeting

25 October 2013, Last updated at, 08:53 EEST
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Unemployment, poverty and social inequality – the focus of the Tripartite High Level meeting | author: Council of the EU

The Tripartite Social Summit High Level meeting held in Brussels prior to the European Council. During the event the discussions focused on the actions foreseen to strengthen the social dimension of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), employment and social policy coordination and the inclusion of the social partners both at EU and at national level.

At the meeting Algimanta Pabedinskienė, Minister of Social Security and Labour, emphasized that at the soon starting European Council summit will tackle the issue of the social dimension strengthening of EMU. „ So far, the discussion has continued in the phase in which both Member States and other interested parties, including the social partners, had the opportunity to express their views on how to strengthen the social dimension: this is better employment and social issues steering and monitoring, coordination of employment and social policy, besides, social dimension is impossible without the proper social dialogue“, - said A. Pabedinskienė.

According to the Minister, this High Level meeting is an excellent possibility for social partners to express their views on how to strengthen the social dimension of EMU, first of all because of its role in the process of employment and social policy coordination.

The European Commission has recently proposed to create a special scoreboard of employment and social indexes. It will help to identify the fundamental social problems as early as possible. This offer reached a broad approbation at Employment, Social policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council in Luxembourg on 15 October.

High Level meeting was jointly chaired by Dalia Grybauskaitė, the President of the Republic of Lithuania, as the leader of the Member state holding the Presidency now, Herman Van Rompuy, European Council President and José Manuel Barroso, European Commission President.

More information:

• The Tripartite Social Summit High Level meeting is a forum, which dialogue takes place at the level of the Presidents of the EU institutions and the European social partners top management level.

• From 1 December 2009, when Lisbon Treaty came into force, in the debate participants of the Tripartite Social Summit High Level meeting have been focusing on the issues that need to be considered at a meeting of the European Council.

• EMU social dimension is a range of policy measures, which are aimed at ensuring economic benefits associated with the social justice. For example, a compatible work and family life, possibilities to use child care services, to be engaged in volunteering or to choose active ageing are created.

• Social policy coordination helps the parties to share best practices, promote reforms and to reach efficiency in the social policy area. The social welfare system assures people the opportunity and the right to participate in economic activity and to use social service.

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