The questions of dangerous chemical substances‘ control will be discussed in Vilnius

22 October 2013, Last updated at, 10:18 EEST
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author: PantherMedia/Scanpix

On the 23rd-24th October, the 27th meeting of the SEVESO committee of competent authorities and the second meeting of experts‘ group as well as the seminar “The Questions of Chemical Substances‘ Self-classification“ will be held in Vilnius. The title SEVESO is conventional. The accident which happened in 1976 at the factory of pesticides in Seves (Italy) induced to accept the European rules for the control of danger of chemical accidents, the so-called SEVESO directives. These are the directives of the European Council, the provisions of which must be followed by the Member States. Currently the directives SEVESO II and III are being implemented.

During the seminar, the EU legislation related to the self-classification of chemical substances and their compounds will be reviewed, the attitude of Member States towards the process of these substances’ self-classification and dangerous objects‘ attribution to the implementation field of SEVESO directive will be sound out. The decisions, which could help to ensure the united fulfilment of the requirements of the directive by similar objects, will be sought as well. Furthermore, the questions of cooperation among producers, importers, further users and SEVESO institutions as well as the exchange of information will be discussed.

The SEVESO committee will also discuss the questions related to the implementation of the SEVESO III directive, the discussion about presentations providing the data about dangerous objects and which would be delivered to SEVESO information system will be hold. As well as that, the issues of confidentiality of the provided data and their relation to other databases will be talked over.

During the meeting of experts‘ group, the questions of SEVESO III directive‘s transfer to the right of Member States will be discussed. The representatives from the Major Accidents Hazards Bureau (MAHB) will discuss the plan of further actions of the directive‘s implementation and will respond to the questions of Member States. Moreover, the participants of the meeting will be provided with the results of underway studies of possible accidents risks, in time of which the environment gets chemical substances strongly affecting the skin, and the methodology „“Emergency Risk Assessment when the Environment is Affected by Dangerous Chemical Substances“ will be introduced.

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