The biggest event on intellectual property in the Baltic will take place in Vilnius

07 October 2013, Last updated at, 16:26 EEST
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author: PantherMedia/Scanpix

On the occasion of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council, the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania organizes conference “Intellectual property protection in the EU: risks, challenges and prospects”, which will take place in Vilnius. This will be the biggest event on intellectual property issues in the Baltic States. Topics of this high profile political conference will primarily look into current contemporary intellectual property issues within the European Union.

Following topics will be discussed in the conference – Revision of the Community trademark system, unitary patent and Unified Patent Court, enforcement of IPRs’, trade secrets protection, as well alternative IP dispute resolution procedures according to the rules of international arbitration and mediation.            

It is planned that about 200 participants will be attending the conference. Among them – Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization Francis Gurry, President of the European Patent Office Benoit Battistelli, President of the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market Antonio Campinos, European Commission's Director of Intellectual Property Directorate Kerstin Jorna, also, other high-level officials from the national intellectual property offices.

Moreover, the event will be attended by representatives, guests and experts from the European Union and the Lithuanian enterprise, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the scientific communities, BusinessEurope, MARQUES representatives, CEIPI, Max Planck Institute, professors of the University of Alicante.

According to Mr. Battistelli, being the president of EU Council Lithuania has a historical chance in the field of intellectual property protection. “The establishment of the unitary European patent system is only a few steps away from coming into force. By reducing administrative and financial costs, this improvement would contribute not only to Lithuania’s but also to Europe ‘s economic growth,” Mr. Battistelli says.

On October 8th discussions will be focused on the main principles and objectives of the Revision of the EU trade mark system, which aims to strengthen cooperation between the Community trade mark and national trademark systems, to improve the compatibility between the Community and national trade mark systems on the substantive and process law level, as well as to encourage further implementation and development of good practice examples in the EU member states.

On October 8 in the second part of the event discussions will shift towards implementation of the unitary patent and Unified Patent Court systems, and what impact they will have on the EU’s and Lithuania’s economy and business development, competiveness, successful expansion of innovation. Topics will also include good practice instances based upon the intellectual property use, and successfully shaped up Lithuanian IP business practices.

On October 9th among other topics of the conference it will be tackled efficient alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures for intellectual property disputes – mediation and arbitration, including their appeal and accessibility to the owners and holders of IP rights. Also in the event it will be examined positive outcomes and shortcomings of those procedures within the context of contemporary intellectual property protection.

The event will take place at Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square Vilnius, Universiteto st. 14, Vilnius on 8-9 October, 2013.

More information about the program and speakers of the conference is available at official website

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