Pat Cox: the Association Agreement Could Become Ukraine’s Road to Modernisation

29 October 2013, Last updated at, 10:04 EEST
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Pat Cox, the Special Envoy of the European Parliament Monitoring Mission to Ukraine. | author: O. Posaškova

During the L COSAC meeting at the Seimas, the special envoy of the European Parliament Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, Pat Cox, gave a presentation called Parliament Diplomacy: The EP and Ukraine Case Analysis, where in front of the Vilnius summit meeting he presented the situation in Ukraine during the implementation of requirements raised by the European Union, among them the imprisonment of Julia Tymošenko and other politicians.

According to the special envoy, even though Ukraine currently does not meet all the EU’s requirements, the objective remains to make all effort to change the situation e to ensure a successful outcome. According to him, the mission going to Ukraine tomorrow will do its best to have Julia Tymošenko transferred for hospital treatment to Berlin in the coming weeks, “therefore the parliamentary initiative and high-level political diplomacy will be valuable contributions to completing this mission,” he added.

He emphasised that the signing of the association agreement will become the “road to modernisation and the second most important event after the 1991 referendum in Ukraine.”

“I would like to thank Martinas Šulcas for his willingness to take a risk and be involved in this situation. He took on this risk, and therefore we have nearly achieved our goal, whereby Ukraine implements the requirements,” he concluded.


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