Nuclear security – global priority

03 July 2013, Last updated at, 08:54 EEST
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Minister of Energy Jaroslav Neverovič

Today Minister of Energy Jaroslav Neverovič delivered a statement at the International Conference Nuclear Security: Enhancing Global Efforts in Vienna, Austria. This conference is being convened to review the international community’s experience and achievements in strengthening nuclear security, and to formulate views on the future directions and priorities for nuclear security. It is held by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Making an overview of Lithuanian input to the strengthening of the international nuclear security, Neverovič stressed that Lithuania has a longstanding experience in developing peaceful nuclear energy and securing nuclear materials.

According to the minister Lithuania participated in the Seoul Summit in 2012 and in the same year while implementing international commitments Lithuania has established the Nuclear Security Centre of Excellence.

“We strongly support global efforts to strengthen nuclear security, and to develop mechanisms allowing states to gain more confidence about each other security arrangements,” said Neverovič.

According to the Minister both nuclear safety and security have a common aim – protect humans and the environment from negative impact. That is why nuclear safety and security have to be promoted along the whole cycle of nuclear energy. Neverovič stressed that as Lithuania is now taking the Presidency of the Council of the European Union special attention will be given to the strengthening of nuclear safety and security.

As the representative form the country which will currently be holding the Presidency of the European Council, Neverovič addressed the participants in the name of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.

„Strengthening nuclear security remains an important element in facilitating international co-operation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The EU, with its large multinational nuclear industry, has a particular interest in ensuring that the peaceful use of nuclear energy is in  accordance with the highest possible standards of nuclear safety, security and non-proliferation, within the EU and worldwide.  Nuclear security is a longstanding EU priority,“ said Neverovič.

Continuing the speech on behalf of Ashton, Minister Neverovič stressed that The nuclear security summits in 2010 in Washington and in 2012 in Seoul laid an important groundwork aimed at strengthening nuclear security, reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism and securing all vulnerable nuclear material in the coming years. The EU, together with other world leaders, expressed its commitment towards these goals. But achieving these goals requires concrete collective efforts and cooperation from all states.  In this context, the EU fully recognizes the leading role of the IAEA in strengthening the nuclear security framework and highly values its work done so far.

During his visit to Vienna, Minister Neverovič will also meet with the Director General of IAEA Yukiya Amano.

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