Global experts in public sector effectiveness improvement to share experience in Vilnius

18 October 2013, Last updated at, 13:03 EEST
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author: PantherMedia/Scanpix

On 24 October, the two-day International Public Sector Effectiveness Conference will begin in Vilnius. Heads of the world’s most efficient institutions and executors of reforms from various countries will share their experience and give advice at the Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Centre.

The conference is dedicated to helping institutions in the public sector visibly improve their effectiveness, and the value they provide for citizens. During the two days of lectures and workshops, the focus will be on four areas: healthcare, law and order, service provision, and public procurement.

“The modernization of public administration is one of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union's priorities. The effectiveness of the public sector determines how fast countries strengthen their competitiveness, and how successful they are in fulfilling their obligations to citizens and meeting their expectations,” said Rasa Noreikienė, Vice-Minister of the Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

During the Presidency, the Ministry of the Economy stresses the importance of the modernization of public administration in such areas as electronic public procurement, the promotion of innovation through public procurement, and the improvement of the efficiency of government-owned enterprises. The Ministry of the Economy is a partner of this conference.

The conference will emphasize the management decisions in specific countries that helped to solve systemic problems that the majority of Europe’s public sector institutions also encounter.

Shimeon Pass, the leading management expert of improving courts in Israel, will explain how to accelerate processes in the area of justice, and Kevin Sadler, Director of Civil, Family and Tribunals of the UK HM Courts and Tribunals Service, will share his knowledge about quickening trials in courts. In recent years, 600 courts subordinate to the Service have introduced the LEAN management system, which allows creating greater value with fewer resources.

Representatives of the most effective hospitals in the Netherlands, Israel, and the U.S. will explain how they managed to shorten patient queues and length of hospitalization and improve treatment quality. These hospitals managed to lower the workload of doctors, and at the same time ensure the profitable operation of state healthcare institutions.

The State of Utah Department of Budget and Planning Heads – Director General, Kristen Cox, and her deputy, Greg Gardner – will also come to Vilnius. In 2011, these officials were officially declared Heads of the most efficiently run institution in the U.S. In Vilnius, they will present to the EU leaders of the public sector a common system of indicators, which is used in all Utah's institutions to measure and help the institutions achieve the State Governor's goal – to improve the efficiency of all institutions under the Governor's control by 25% over the four years of his tenure. The organizer's note that Kristen Cox, being a federal officer, will only come to Vilnius if the suspension of the U.S. Government's activities is lifted before the conference.

On the first day of the conference (24 October), world-famous presenters will share their experience of successfully putting theory into practice: shortened queues in hospitals, quicker trials in courts, faster issuance of permits, millions of taxpayers’ money saved, and other good examples. Fifteen leaders and experts from the U.S., Israel, the UK, the Netherlands, the UAE, Germany, Sweden, and the Republic of South Africa are coming to Vilnius. Vice-Minister Noreikienė, Director of Investuok Lietuvoje, Milda Dargužaitė, and President of the Association of Hospital Managers Physicians of Lithuania, Stasys Gendvilis, will also read reports.

On the second day (25 October), the registered participants can participate in workshops hosted by the event’s hosts – they will learn how to implement successful changes in Lithuanian institutions.

The conference is being organized by the U.S. non-governmental organization TOCICO, which unites global experts in contemporary methods. Since 2003, TOCICO has organized over 20 international conferences in the U.S., India, Japan, South Korea, and Europe.

The International Public Sector Effectiveness Conference is being organized in Lithuania for the second time. Last year, more than 700 people participated.

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