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08 August 2013, Last updated at 09:32 EET
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Please select how often you would like to receive news and subscribe to the newsletter. You will receive a link at your e-mail address provided. Please activate the link in order to confirm the ordering of the subscription:

  • When you order “immediate” subscription, you will be informed of the latest messages as soon as they appear in the news section of the website www.eu2013.lt. You can subscribe to the messages in both Lithuanian and English.
  • Daily newsletter is sent daily automatically at 19:00.
  • Weekly newsletter is sent automatically on Monday at 07:00.
  • Monthly newsletter is sent automatically on the first day of each month at 7:00.

Daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters are available for subscription in Lithuanian, English, German, and French.

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Please use our news feed controller. Once you have placed it in your website, you can view regularly updated information from the Presidency website at: www.eu2013.lt. Further information is available here.

Mobile application

The mobile application EU2013.LT is a tool designed to provide easy access to news and information about events published on the official portal dedicated to the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union at: www.eu2013.lt; you can also find the contacts of responsible persons and review the latest news galleries using your smart phone. Further information is available here.

Should you have any enquiries concerning subscription, please contact us by e-mail at: info@eu2013.lt.

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